Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Hello all Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys / Trixie Belden / Judy Bolton ect fans! I can't believe I actually made a blogspot for this, (because someone I know has been pushing wordpress on me recently lol) but it looks nicer than the one freewebs gives to you... so I made one here.

I know the website doesn't have much on it yet but it will very soon. I doubt you may discover this before I have it all up but if you do let me know by posting a comment and tell me how you found out.

I'll be putting up some more stuff tonight... mostly filling some pages. I plan on putting up book lists and maybe later what all of the editions looked like... but that's a huge task. I started to make this website a year ago but was so frustrated by typing the lists of just Nancy Drew books! Did you know that most people - publishers of Nancy Drew included - don't even bring up the fact that there are over 300 different Nancy Drew books from 5-8 different series?!? It's a lot. And surprisingly, The Hardy Boys have more. This is why I want to be Trixie Belden's best friend right now! *falls off chair* There were only 30-some books in ONE series! Not only that, but I was on the official website... Random House Trixie Belden Home Page ... and they said they would be reprinting them from 2005-2008 but mysteriously disappeared about two years ago! Wow.

So I'll leave who-ever's reading this blog to the huge thought of book editions and random publishing schedules while I go cry about important thing like teen pop stars otherwise referred to as 'J.B.' getting a flu and not having their wonderfully swoon-full voices for a while. *tear*

*Love and mystery books with tears dotting the blog*,