Friday, May 28, 2010

TOT Demo

I. Loved. It!

This has got to be a great game, in full version. I'm a pretty picky gamer, so it takes a lot to impress me.

After the release of the TOT demo by HerInteractive today, I must say that I want to play it, AGAIN. I even loved trapping the mice! (wow, can't believe I just said that... grossness!) Aaaaannnnd the Land Rush game was a lot more fun in the game!

Anywho, go download it! Try it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TOT Special Edition!

Apparently, HeR is having a special where if you pre-order TOT by June 16th, you will recieve a special edition! It doesn't look like there will be any major changes in the game, just a few extras. Observe: [taken directly from the Dare to Play blog]

- More Pa Pennies that you'll be able to find around the homestead to purchase candy from the local store which has new candy from the makers for KoKo Kringles. This is similar to the coin system in the the Phantom of Venice. In the normal version, you will only be able to get more Pa Pennies by playing Land Rush (get some more practice playing the free minigame on our website if you don't plan on preordering) or fixing circuit boards.
- Extra Sassy Detective award - there will be 13 stars on the badge instead of the usual 12.
- Extra outtakes - if you achieve all 13 Sassy Detective awards, there are 2 extra outtakes at the end of the game.

The one about there being extra Pa Pennies sounds extremely helpful. That Land Rush game is hard! There is no extra cost besides shipping & handling:

- you must preorder by 6/16 on
- it can be either the digital download or the boxed game
- there is no additional cost
- the Special Edition will be available for both PC and Mac platforms
- the Special Edition cannot be purchased in stores.

Just something extra for those who are pre-ordering :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The monthly newsletter was released today, with plenty of dates!

Digital and Boxed Pre-Orders Start: June 1st
Boxed Pre-Orders Shipped: Week of June 16th
Available at Retail Stores: June 29th
Digital Download Available: June 29th

For a screenshot of the newsletter, clicketh here! Apparently, anyone who pre-orders before June 16th will recieve a special edition version of the game.
There is also a new "Blurb of the Week" on the Amateur Sleuth blog from the Art Directer, Kyle:

I’ve been helping manage bugs [errors] and fixes to puzzles and art for ND23. I’ve also got my own art environments to work on. I’m responsible for texturing a few key small environments that transition between major ones. Because our games are heavily laced with thematic elements, it’s important for me to make sure the lighting for these scenes reflect the transitions correctly, not just in terms of setting but also mood. I also handle a lot of boring, ‘paper-worky’ stuff… Yeah, that’s the technical term.
Yup yup, kewl stuff. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Her Interactive

Her Interactive 'Storm Chaser Pete'

Meet Pete! He's the intern for the Canute Storm Chaser team and he will be blogging his experiences every day starting today through June 30! Read his blog at for the latest updates.

Pete doesn't have a lot of experience chasing storms, but he's dreamed about this exciting adventure since was a kid. Securing a summer internship as a storm chaser is definitely the opportunity of a lifetime! Although Pete's enthusiastic about chasing storms, there's a lot of behind the scenes work he has to do before he's ready for the real thing. From getting coffee for the team in the morning to driving the Doppler truck, Pete has quite few adventures and misadventures along the way. Make sure you check the Storm Chaser Pete blog every day for a new post!

For more information about the Canute Storm Chasers, check out!

-From the HerInteractive Official Blog.

TOT release date.

Temporary board for rumors, theories, and all topics related to Trail of the Twister, releasing June 29, 2010

This is the blurb on the new Trail of the Twister board on the HeR MessageBoard.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

TOT data and MAC games.

Play Now! | HerInteractive

The latest TOT trailer! "You're Nancy, the new gopher, ain'tcha? I'm Chase." xD

Also, the Trail of the Twister website is up. I like the quiz, it's got some pretty funny options 'Science is overrated!'


The news I'm sure a lot of ND fans will be excited about is this: HerInteractive is now making their games to work on MAC processors. Pretty sweet.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trail of the Twister screen shot ONE

Oh, a character! I don't know about you, but all I could look at was that calender. Pretty weird scheduling system, eh?

Not only this, but yesterday on the Amateur Sleuth blog, this was said:

In other weather-filled news, I feel a trailer coming on. It's bringing an 80% chance of excitement, followed by a 10% chance of hysterical (and maniacal) giggling. You'll know what I mean when you see it. As for the actual arrival date... we'll I'm thinking this slow-moving feature front will land here just in time to make your weekend bright. Stay tuned!
But wait, there's more! On Thursday, HeR will be opening their TOT website, so keep a look out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Secrets Can Kill: REMASTERED?!?

Official SCK2 page.

I'm sure you've heard the buzz! We'll hopefully you have. If not, you might find some interesting tidbits here.

I'm stoked. I've known for a little while now and let me tell you, it was hard keeping a lid on that secret. But as a luck would have it, I managed to interview someone from the art team about it today. Mikael, a master of both 2-D and 3-D techniques, gave me a little taste of what they've been doing for this Anniversary remake.

- Blurb of the Week -
I’ve been working on environments for the new Secrets Can Kill, so it’s been really neat to try and take the artwork from the past and incorporate some of our newer designs and features without taking away any of the cool things the original team did. It’s definitely challenging, and I will say that there’s so much we want to do with this game that we just can’t get the work done fast enough! Everyone is gonna love it.

Thanks for chatting with us, Mikael. And hey, if you can't get it done fast enough, just work a few more hours. Are you free Saturdays? :P

from the Amateur Sleuth Blog. Wow! This is very exciting. I was always wondering why they never updated those old games, I rarely play SCK because of the 2-CD game play, where you must switch CDs and wait for them to load just to go to the Pharmacy, where nothing happens (almost) or the school. And then when your in the school, you sometimes need to go into rooms that need CD1. What a hassle!

What do you think about the remastering of the first Nancy Drew Adventure game? Feel free to post a comment. :-]