Thursday, May 20, 2010


The monthly newsletter was released today, with plenty of dates!

Digital and Boxed Pre-Orders Start: June 1st
Boxed Pre-Orders Shipped: Week of June 16th
Available at Retail Stores: June 29th
Digital Download Available: June 29th

For a screenshot of the newsletter, clicketh here! Apparently, anyone who pre-orders before June 16th will recieve a special edition version of the game.
There is also a new "Blurb of the Week" on the Amateur Sleuth blog from the Art Directer, Kyle:

I’ve been helping manage bugs [errors] and fixes to puzzles and art for ND23. I’ve also got my own art environments to work on. I’m responsible for texturing a few key small environments that transition between major ones. Because our games are heavily laced with thematic elements, it’s important for me to make sure the lighting for these scenes reflect the transitions correctly, not just in terms of setting but also mood. I also handle a lot of boring, ‘paper-worky’ stuff… Yeah, that’s the technical term.
Yup yup, kewl stuff. :)

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